Prostitution and pimping: the difference in liability

Prostitution constitutes an administrative offence, while pimping is a criminal act.

Are there jury trials in Ukraine?

There are jury trials in Ukraine. This is stipulated both in the Constitution of Ukraine and in the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

Defense attorney (defense counsel) in Ukraine

Defense in criminal cases in Ukraine is carried out by a defense attorney (defense counsel).

Can a foreigner adopt a child in Ukraine?

Yes. A foreigner can adopt a child in Ukraine.

Is CBD allowed in Ukraine?

The use of CBD (Cannabidiol) in Ukraine is possible only for medical, industrial and scientific purposes. At the same time, the consumption of CBD in Ukraine for personal purposes, as a rule, leads to criminal liability.

What is the criminal justice system in Ukraine?

The criminal justice system in Ukraine has its own specific.

What is the marriage contract in Ukraine?

The peculiarities of the marriage contract in Ukraine are provided in the Family Code of Ukraine.

Does Ukraine have extradition laws?

Yes. Ukraine has extradition laws. 

Rights of victims during criminal proceedings in Ukraine

Throughout the entire criminal proceedings, a victim shall have the rights stipulated by the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.

What is Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine?

Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine belongs to the category of property crimes.

What documents do I need for divorce in Ukraine?

In order to divorce in Ukraine, you need to submit the following documents:

How to return extracted stuff during a search: the role of an advocate (practice in Ukraine)

During the search, there is often a situation where your stuff may be taken away. As a rule, this is carried out within the framework of ensuring measures of criminal proceedings, which are provided for by Section II of the Criminal Procedure ...

How to avoid fraud in Ukraine

Frequently, during concluding various deals in Ukraine you can face the numerous occasions when you will become a victim of such crime as fraud. 

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