hqdefaultOn 21 July, 2015 The General Prosecutor of Ukraine has submitted claim to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about deprivation of immunity for MP Lozovyi who is the member the faction of the Radical Party of Ukraine. The leader of faction O. Liashko has published documents regarding submission. These documents stipulate reasoning of charges about criminal offences of Lozovyi. At the same time, we should estimate this situation from the matter of argumentation, particularly whether the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine finds arguments or not. Mainly. it’s related to deprivation of immunity of MP. One of the main arguments – to make pressure on judges. In this context, I have to raise one question: is it reasonable charges within corrupted judiciary? This system has not been changed from the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Argumentation has aimed to establish justice in society. Therefore, one of the main methods is the clearing of judiciary thorough the remind to judges to follow the principle rule of law. In matters of legal argumentation we must use arguments which based on the public interests. For example, its concern to the people who are responsible for the massacre of Heaven’s Hundreds and people who involved in corruption. These people were making lawfulness during Yanukovych authority and these people are live without any blames to them. As a result, the formalistic approach with reference to legal norms – it’s not solving the case.Moreover, it’s not argumentation. Argumentation will be then when the general system of judicial proceeding must be based on the judgements of argumentation. Political ambitions should not be related to selective justice.

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