640x480Accidents that were happened in Mukachevo are stirred not just only Ukraine, but also European countries near the Ukrainian Border. The usage of gun, smuggling, corruption in governmental institutions, organized criminal groups, – this negative effects are directly related with the situation in Ukraine. In this context, it was important of appointment of the Head of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration. Before, he was governor of Luhansk oblast. He was ruling over territory near ATO. Certainly, such step of the President of Ukraine related to fact that H. Moskal is a strong-willed person. His type of argumentation is popular all over the Ukraine. In addition, disregard of his opinion’s expression style, H. Moskal posses of skills to deliver position to ordinary people. One of the example – communication with inhabitants of the Eastern part of Ukraine, explanation of situation in ATO. The main goal of argumentation is to deliver the main point that is very important. During the judicial process, it’s related to the situation when the lawyer is trying to prove his position in front of a judge in order to adopt argumentative decision. The same method we can see from H. Moskal. Such type of political argumentation from the Governor of Zakarpattia must be taken as a basis.

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