The essence of an advocate’s activity is providing legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in the most effective way. Such assistance can be provided through productive cooperation both within and outside the legal community.

This practice is beneficial for each of the parties, because it will give an opportunity to develop in the appropriate direction.

In this regard, I am interested in cooperation with the following groups of persons.

Representatives of the legal community: advocates, lawyers, notaries, arbitration menagers, mediators, private enforcement agent, human rights organizations, legal scholars, etc.

Persons from the non-legal sphere: economists, accountants, psychologists, real estate agents, appraisers, custom brokers, insurance agents, translators, IT specialists, etc.

If you have proposals for cooperation, I will be grateful for communications and establishing cooperation with you.

Please contact as follows.

Call on the phone number:
+38-097-752-51-77 (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber)


Visit: Tarasa Shevchenko Lane, 4, room 21, Kyiv, 01001