The main areas:
  • relations with governmental institutions;
  • constitutional law;
  • law of social protection;
  • consumer rights protection;
  • inheritance law;
  • family law;
  • registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs;
  • labour law;
  • land law; 
  • environmental law; 
  • election law; 
  • migration law; 
  • opening companies in offshore jurisdictions.
Why work with us?
  • Experience working with Ukrainian diaspora organizations worldwide in legal domain since 2014;
  • Experience working with the various governmental and non-governmental Institutions in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Practical and academic research-based experience in resolving legal cases;
  • Customer-tailored approach to resolving legal matters.
Our achievements:
  • Numerous legal cases have been resolved in areas including in the areas of: civil law, immigration law, electoral law etc;
  • Legal support in national legislation of Ukraine, including the adoption of the law of Ukraine “On External Labour Migration” and other similar legislative initiatives;
  • Legal support for the Ukrainian diaspora, including in the drafting and conclusion of the Memorandum of the Ukrainian World Congress with the Government of Ukraine and other Governmental Institutions;
  • Analytical advisory support during the presentation of Ukraine vis-à-vis the Ukrainian World Congress and other linked diaspora organizations, with international institutions. 
Organizations where we had cooperation:
Ukrainian World Congress
Canadian Election Observation Missions
NGO “Right to Protection”
The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

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