584596 Perhaps, it is no secret of the fact that Ukraine on the last position within framework of the socioeconomic development in Europe. Government’s efforts to fill the budget at the expense of the impoverished sections of the population do not bring the desired result. Often, we hear that legislators come up with a new tax or impose additional restrictions on doing business. The main motivation – the need state control. However, whether a state control pursuing  the protection of human rights or not? Obviously – no. And when we talk whether legal argumentation present in the decisions of Parliament or government institutions or not, we have also affirmative answer that – no. The most common mistake is the identification of the legal argumentation with referring to the legal acts or even a court decision. However, the mechanical link to the legal norms is not the argumentation. And in the case when a state official indicates that it is a specific action – a requirement of the law, ordinary people can always point out that it is not pursuing legal values. Of course, a skilled defense position requires legal protection. Important in this case is the ability to convince the public servant that you always retain the right to go to court. What’s more important is constant legal self-education. For example, if you are an entrepreneur in the IT sphere, then you should know the legal regulation of the services you provided. Therefore, the desire to achieve justice will be encouraged to find ways to balance between public interests and human rights.

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