12121All world community was looking at the moment how Russia imposes veto on the decision of UN Security Council regarding crush plane MH17. Certainly, in this context, we should pay our attention to the legal arguments. Although, the arguments of states were declared, but It was not influenced on the final results. The important aspect of this matter is the fact the formalistic approach for deciding on cases. On the one hand, we see the fulfillment of legislation related to the UN. On the other hand, we see leveling of legal principles and all legal values. Arguments of Russia regarding international law and legislation not related to the matter of justice. Here we can see protection the interest of state with authoritative regime rather than the most valuable thing – human life and health. The main aim of any judgements – creation mechanism in order to prevent crimes. As the decision about the creation of a tribunal was vetoed by Russia, therefore we can conclude that the representative of this country are not interested in fair investigation of this case. The project of UN decision was not related to the situation, whether Russian officials guilty or not. It was related just with the creation of a tribunal where each side can provide its arguments in order to reach a fair judgement in this case. Judgements that not related to legal argumentation cannot be estimated as legal.

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