How to open business in Ukraine

Starting your own business requires the necessary knowledge, especially if it concerns the legal side. This knowledge minimizes the risks that may arise during the implementation of business activities. See further in the material for more details. 1. What regulations govern the opening of a business in Ukraine?
  • Constitution of Ukraine;
  • The Civil Code of Ukraine;
  • Economic Code of Ukraine;
  • Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals – Entrepreneurs and Civic Associations”;
  • Law of Ukraine “On licensing of economic activities”;
  • Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”;
  • Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Economic Competition”;
  • Law of Ukraine “On the regime of foreign investment”; Law of Ukraine “On Private International Law”;
  • International treaties and agreements;
  • Judicial practice of the European Court of Human Rights, etc.
Also, depending on the specifics of the activity, the legal framework that will regulate this issue will depend. 2. How to correctly determine the direction of activity To do this, it is necessary to refer to the Classification of Economic Activities, which is located at the following link: 3. Selection of an organizational form of activity In Ukraine, you can function as a natural or legal person. The legislation of Ukraine provides for various types of organizational and legal forms of legal entities. 4. Selection of a tax system Generally, there are two systems of taxation in Ukraine, namely: general and simplified. The general system of taxation provides for the payment of taxes depending on your income. The simplified taxation system provides for a fixed tax rate. 5. Selection of sources of supply for your business Depending on the type of activity, you need to enter into contracts to ensure the functioning of your business, namely contracts with suppliers and others. 6. Recruitment When starting a business in Ukraine, you need to think about how your staff will functioning. In this case, it is important to choose a model of relationships with employees. Thus, it is important to prescribe the basics of the employment contract. 7. Compliance with competition rules According to Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Economic Competition”, economic competition (competition) – competition between economic entities in order to gain through their own achievements advantages over other economic entities, as a result of which consumers, business entities have the opportunity to choose between several sellers, buyers, and a single business entity can not determine the conditions of turnover in the market. 8. Protection of investments In the case of program and system business development, you will need legal support for your investment projects. 9. Insurance In order to effectively manage risk, you need to insure your business. According to Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Insurance”, insurance is a type of civil law relations to protect the property interests of individuals and legal entities in the event of certain events (insured events), defined by the insurance contract or applicable law, at the expense of funds, formed by the payment by individuals and legal entities of insurance payments (insurance premiums, insurance premiums) and income from the placement of these funds. 10. Lease of premises You can do your business online via the Internet, but depending on the specifics of the business you will need facilities. For its productive use it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement. 11. Advertising According to Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising” advertising – information about a person or product, disseminated in any form and in any way and designed to form or maintain awareness of consumers of advertising and their interest in such persons or goods. In this context, you need to legalize the relationship that will relate to advertising. 12. Judicial and administrative protection For the productive implementation of business activities, it is important to focus on product improvement and service quality. Thus, legal representation in judicial and administrative bodies should be entrusted to specialists in this field. 13. License In accordance with paragraph 1 of Part 1 of Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of economic activities”, issuance of a license – granting a business entity the right to conduct a type of economic activity or part of a type of economic activity subject to licensing, by the licensing authority to issue a license, which is recorded in the license register. 14. Organization of accounting for your business To optimize financial control in the course of your business, you need to turn to accounting professionals who will be able to provide you with qualified assistance in this matter. 14. Where to go to start a business in Ukraine? It is possible to register a business in Ukraine both online and by visiting the Center for Administrative Services. In case of online business registration, you can follow the following link: Centers for the administrative services are formed in the next bodies: 1) Kyiv City State Administration; 2) Sevastopol City State Administration; 3) district state administration; 4) the district state administration in the city of Kyiv; 5) the district state administration in the city of Sevastopol; 6) to executive body of city council of the city of regional, republican Autonomous Republic of Crimea of ​​value. Centers for the provision of administrative services may be formed at the executive body of the city of district significance, settlement, village council in the event that the relevant council makes such a decision.