dssdThe main feature of election campaign in Ukraine – the breaching of law. But, here is the fault not only from persons who breaching the law, but also fault is belong to people who follow these violations. It’s very important the matter of procedure within the problem of elective offices. The matter of argumentation is always related to participants of the election campaign. Argumentation with reference to the legal norms and legal values – its activity of participant of election commissions and people who keep order during the election campaign. During the election in Chernihiv we didn’t see the principles of legal argumentation. At the same time, we were watching violations of the election campaign. The absence of argumentation related to the low level of legal culture and also the absence of possibility to defend the personal right to vote. Arguments should be during voting for certain candidates. Also, it should be arguments from the members of PECs and DECs, and the best arguments must be from the Central Election Commission. Argumentation of an election campaign is not finished during the voting or counting of votes. The big importance of this matter is the judicial argumentation during the complaining of results. Argumentation which will be taken by judges will make an influence on for the final results.

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