On July 4th, 2015, on Independence Day in the USA, the Patrol Police begin working in Ukraine, which will be mainly care about public order. The main motive for policemen is to provide services for people rather than punishment of people for offenses.

In this case, the important element during the establishing of public order is the usage of legal argumentation during their activity. Usually, in order to realize main goals of Patrol police it should be implemented that values related to legal argumentation, especially human rights, rule of law etc.

During the application procedure the candidates have been checked with the requirements of psychological resistance and ability to communicate with people which is the crucial factors for establishing of public order.

Taking into account the experience of Europe, USA, Canada the considerable part of effective work depend from prophylactic work with the population, when the policemen are working with certain categories of the population. Thus, policemen must possess techniques of legal argumentation that should be the main part of the activity. The project “School of Legal Argumentation” will be supporting policemen to do this

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