8545Representatives of political parties conduct massive campaign via putting  a huge tangible and financial resources. Considering that the “luring” of voters is through billboards and bribery in various forms (which are sometimes difficult to establish in order to identity of a crime) As a result, the talk about the quality of the political elite on this ground is impossible. Instead of dirty political technologies in the first place should be set political debate that will involve the use of political argument in the delivering of positions to the voters. The political argument – it’s unpopular phenomenon in Ukraine. Please, do not equate political arguments with loud slogans and provocative statements that may at first glance look like a political speech within rhetoric. One of the characteristic of argument is to establish communication links with the community through belief in the implementation of various projects. Another feature of the argument in the context of elections should be the correct way of delivering position to the voters through a sustainable political views that are reflected in the programs of political parties that developing years by years, and not written a few weeks before the election. The political program of this kind of presentation of arguments, how will be implemented within a certain target specific argumentative schemes.

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