I R A bomb attack on the officers mess of the 16th Parachute Brigade at Aldershot During several days the country is observing what is going on in Mukachevo. On the one hand, we saw blaming of governmental officials and their claims that paramilitary groups are dangerous for people and public safety. On the other side, we heard blaming on contraband which organizing by MPs. Opinion of society was divided. But, in this context, we have to research the matter of justice, which is the aim of legal argumentation. In order to understand the matter of justice in Ukraine, we should state that for this should exist courts and law-enforcement agencies which provide pre-trial investigation. They should act within justice. We can see the numerous examples from international law and judicial practice that stipulate that justice should exist in everything. It is the main task of the court. For instance, the European Court of Human Rights was criticizing UK government many times. Especially, it was related to representatives of the IRA (Ireland Republic Army). Argumentation can be applied only within fair justice. If there is no justice, the people should use physical resist. But this resist shouldmeet the main features of general justice

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