How to avoid fraud in Ukraine

Frequently, during concluding various deals in Ukraine you can face the numerous occasions when you will become a victim of such crime as fraud. 

How to marry in Ukraine

According to the Article 28 of the Family Code of Ukraine, an application for marriage registration is submitted by a woman and a man to any body of state registration of civil status acts by their choice.

How to report a crime in Ukraine

If you have become a victim or a witness of a crime in Ukraine, you can contact the law enforcement agencies.

What is the temporary confiscation of property in criminal proceedings

According to the Article 167 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, temporary confiscation of property is the actual deprivation of the suspect or the persons in whose possession the property specified in the second part of this article is, the ability to own, use and dispose of certain property until the issue of confiscation of property or its return is resolved, or its special confiscation in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Family lawyer in Kyiv will help you to protect family rights

According to the Article 18 of the Famile Code of Ukraine, each member of family relations who has reached the age of fourteen has the right to directly apply to the court for the protection of his right or interest.


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