Family lawyer in Kyiv will help you to protect family rights

According to the Article 18 of the Famile Code of Ukraine, each member of family relations who has reached the age of fourteen has the right to directly apply to the court for the protection of his right or interest.

The court applies methods of protection established by law or agreement (contract) of the parties.

Ways of protecting family rights and interests are the following:

1) establishing a legal relationship;

2) forced performance of a voluntarily unfulfilled duty;

3) termination of the legal relationship, as well as its annulment;

4) termination of actions that violate family rights;

5) restoration of the legal relationship that existed before the violation of the right;

6) compensation for material and moral damage, if this is provided for by this Code or the contract;

7) change of legal relationship;

8) recognizing as illegal the decisions, actions or inaction of the state authority, the authority of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea or the local self-government body, their officials and employees.

Realization of these rights is possible with the effective help of a family advocate.


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