Rights of victims during criminal proceedings in Ukraine

Throughout the entire criminal proceedings, a victim shall have the rights stipulated by the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.

According to the Article 56 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine throughout the entire criminal proceedings, a victim shall have the right to:

1) be notified of his/her rights and obligations under this Law;

2) know the substance of suspicion and charges, be informed on imposition, change or revocation of measures taken in respect of the suspect or accused to make criminal proceedings possible and pre-trial investigation terminated;

3) produce evidence to investigator, public prosecutor, investigating judge or court;

4) file recusations and motions;

5) in the presence of legitimate grounds, to ensuring of security in respect of himself/herself, his close relatives or family members, property and home;

6) give explanations, testimonies or refuse to do so;

7) challenge decisions, acts, and omission of investigator, public prosecutor, investigating judge under procedure established by this Code;

8) have an authorised representative and at any time during criminal proceedings waive his/her services;

9) give explanations, testimonies in native language or any other language in which he/she is fluent, benefit from free publicly funded translator’s/interpreter’s services if he/she has no knowledge of the state language or the language in which the criminal proceeding is conducted;

10) compensation of the damage caused by criminal offence, as prescribed by law;

11) view case records related to the criminal offence committed in their respect, according to the procedure established by this Code, including their disclosure under Article 290 hereof, as well as view records of criminal proceedings directly related to the criminal offence committed in their respect, in case the proceeding has been closed;

12) in compliance with the requirements of this Code, use technical means during the conduct of procedural actions he/she takes part in. Investigator, public prosecutor, investigating judge and court shall have the right to prohibit using technical means in the course of a specific procedural action or at a specific stage of criminal proceedings in order to prevent disclosure of privileged information protected by law or related to the intimate life of the person concerned, with a motivated decision (ruling) taken (adopted) thereon;

13) obtain copies of procedural documents and receive written notifications in cases specified by this Code;

14) enjoy other rights provided for by this Code.

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