About the attorney

Volodymyr Kistianyk

An attorney who provides defense in criminal cases in the city of Kyiv.


The attorney's legal experience consists of long-term professional, social and academic development, since 2011. Also, such experience is based on the violation of rights that the attorney himself suffered.

The attorney managed to prevent the violation of the rights of individuals and legal entities in the criminal process.

While maintaining attorney confidentiality, the attorney always devotes time to thorough communication with the client and provides an honest and professional assessment of the situation.

The advantage of cooperation with an attorney is that the client is protected by persuasive arguments (before the police and other law enforcement agencies, before the court, before expert institutions, before procedural opponents, etc.).

The attorney constantly cooperates and is involved in various governmental and non-governmental initiatives related to the protection of human rights.

A timely call to an attorney in criminal proceedings will help to strengthen the position in the defense of your rights!

Certificates of the attorney Volodymyr Kistianyk



city Kyiv, Ukraine

Work schedule:

from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.