Argumentation in the activity of politicians

policyThe project “School of Legal Argumentation” consider the grounds of argumentation in the political sphere. The ability to convince voters and the ability prove political positions – one of the features of politicians. The famous motto during usage of argumentation “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument” not always concern to the new political figure in Ukraine, particularly the Chairman of the Odessa Oblast State Administration, M. Saakashvili. Nowadays, in social networks we can see intensive discussions with the former President of Georgia with the chairmen of state structures, communication with the population and appearances on the political talk-shows. Analysing speeches of M. Saakashvili, we can state that, in fact, such style of expression of opinion correspond to the main goals of argumentation, such as rule of law, human rights and democratic institutions.  Taking into account the number of views of videos on YouTube with the participation  of the new head of Odessa oblast, we can state that the methods of expressions of arguments are acceptable for society. Therefore, in order to summarize, we can conclude that the main characteristics of political argumentation of M. Saakashvili consist the next elements:  • clarity of positions’ presentation; • acceptability by ordinary people; • the high level of gesticulation; • high emotions; • loud voice.  

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