Registration of land with overlays

Volodymyr Kistianyk has provided legal assistance in the field of  the law of land registration. The peculiarity of the registration of the plot was that the land plots were superimposed on each other, so there was a problem with the overlays. However, the overlays were removed. As a result, the client received an extract from the State Register of registration of ownership of land.

Legal support for the International Election Observation Mission 2019

During the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine 2019 , Volodymyr Kistianyk provided legal support to the election process of the Ukrainian World Congress International Observation Mission to Ukraine’s.  Please see UWC Mission  Final Report on Ukraine’s Presidential Election on 31 March and 21 April 2019 here. Final Report on 2019 Parliamentary Election in Ukraine here


The European press publish about considerable amount of refugees who come to Europe every day. Of course, this is of concern to indigenous Europeans, who fear the negative consequences of the influx of foreigners from countries where there are conflicts. The European Union will seek to limit the number of migrants in different ways: visa restrictions, increased control in the border areas, taking preventive measures etc. However, unfortunately this does not make result.

Obviously, the problem lies in the legal background, and therefore we can say that it also included questions of legal argumentation. The legal reasoning important in this context, on the grounds that we are again talking about the aims of law. The legal arguments – is the balance of the public interest in favor of human rights. On the one hand we can speak about the protection of the rights of refugees and other persons who are forced to leave their own territory through armed conflict. On the other hand, we must not forget about the security of Europeans.

The solution to this problem lies in the framewof legal principles and values. In this context, we should talk about so-called “cultural arguments” and “cultural migration”. If the migration will be accompanied by a reasonable and systematic way, it will certainly have a positive impact on adequate way of assimilation of migrants. Otherwise, the necessary measures for enhanced protection of human rights in Europe.

Arguments of offshore owners

4978534773In political medium raised the question of so-called “Panamanian documents” that demonstrated the relationship heads of different countries with offshore accounts. This information caused high resonance in society.

However, we should think about, and what is the law violated the participants of”Offshore drama”? If the answer shortly, then of course the question is off-shore legal support of his personal relevance to the respective accounts of countries with completely correspond with legal and financial basis.

However, in the context of Ukraine raises the question is why foreign currencies are not circulated in Ukraine? Why is there no direct investments in the Ukrainian economy?

Obviously, in this case is important net income of owners of capital rather than the interests of the commonwealth. The existence of off-shore or any other schemes withdrawal of money from is personal matter, but when such actions are committed by senior officials of the state, it is the least concern