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List of services:

Defense of suspect, accused, convict, victim and a witness in criminal cases in the following situations :

  • wanted;

  • notice of suspicion and indictment;

  • interrogation;

  • search;

  • detention;

  • crime scene investigation;

  • removal and seizure of property;

  • preventive measures (personal commitment, personal guarantee, bail, house arrest, arrest);

  • extradition;

  • recognition of victim;

  • appeal of actions and inaction of law enforcement agencies;

  • evidence collection;

  • compensatory damages in criminal proceedings;

  • expert evidence in criminal proceedings;

  • removal from office;

  • temporary restriction on the use of a special right;

  • defense in court of all instances;

  • erasure of criminal records and other.

Representation of plaintiff, defendant, heirs, person charged with administrative offence in family cases:

  • divorce;
  • equitable distribution of marital property;
  • alimony (changing the amount of spousal support);
  • the child support "add-on" expenses;
  • designation of child's place residence;
  • elimination of obstacles of parental involvement;
  • permission for child to travel with one parent;
  • disputing parentage;
  • termination of parental rights;
  • adoption;
  • marriage contract;
  • designation of legal facts;
  • enforcement of judgments in family cases;
  • inheritance;
  • defense in cases of domestic violence.

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