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Ready to defend your rights with arguments!

Volodymyr Kistianyk

An attorney who provides defense in criminal cases in the city of Kyiv.

Your right to quality defense is most important when facing criminal charges. This can be a decisive moment in your life, where every step you take is of utmost importance. We provide professional legal assistance, offering the services of an experienced criminal law lawyer capable of providing you with the necessary support and protection.

Qualified Assistance of a Criminal Justice Lawyer

By turning to us, you will find a criminal lawyer Kyiv and gain access to a specialist ready to represent your interests at all stages of the criminal process. From submitting initial evidence to preparing appeals, Volodymyr works with impeccable attention to detail. His deep understanding of the criminal code and experience will allow identifying potential strengths of your case, as well as discovering possible challenges and developing a strategy for their advantage. You can be confident that you are placing your case in reliable hands, securing yourself qualified assistance that will maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Volodymyr constructs effective defense even in the most complex situations, protecting your rights and interests with unwavering diligence. His professional approach and strategic planning will become your advantage in any legal case.

Cost of Services for a Criminal Attorney

The cost of services of a criminal defense lawyer is one of the key aspects when choosing legal assistance. We strive to make professional protection accessible, offering transparent and reasonable prices. The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the need for thorough research, and the amount of time spent on defense. You can familiarize yourself with the main services and their costs on this page. Our criminal lawyer in Kyiv is ready to discuss all possible options with you and find the optimal solution that meets your needs and provides the best protection. You will always find a detailed list of services we offer on our site, along with an approximate price category, allowing you to make an informed decision before contacting us. We prefer to build relationships with clients on transparency and mutual trust, we are ready to provide all the necessary information that you can rely on when making your choice. We continuously work to make legal services as accessible and effective as possible for everyone seeking help.

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Criminal Justice Attorney?

Choosing a criminal law attorney is a critical choice that will affect the outcome of the case and also your future. A professional lawyer must have deep knowledge of legislation and procedural norms and significant experience in representing and defending clients in court. Utilizing the nuances of criminal law and a strategic approach can significantly alter the course of the case in your favor. The right choice of a defence lawyer in Kyiv will ensure that your side is properly represented, taking into account all available legal protections and opportunities for legal defense. We adhere to high standards of legal services, allowing every one of our clients to feel confident and secure. Regardless of the difficulties you face, Volodymyr will guide you through the complicated criminal legislation, offering an optimal level of protection. His knowledge and experience in the field will ensure a comprehensive approach to your case, which is crucial for achieving a positive outcome. Professional representation can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety associated with the unpredictability of the legal system.

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city Kyiv

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How to contact with a criminal defense attorney?

You call on +38-097-752-51-77, write on WhatsApp, fill form on site or write on email



city Kyiv, Ukraine

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from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.