Arguments of offshore owners

4978534773In political medium raised the question of so-called “Panamanian documents” that demonstrated the relationship heads of different countries with offshore accounts. This information caused high resonance in society. However, we should think about, and what is the law violated the participants of”Offshore drama”? If the answer shortly, then of course the question is off-shore legal support of his personal relevance to the respective accounts of countries with completely correspond with legal and financial basis...Read more


4854854The information space contains reports regarding conflicts that occur among Ukrainian politicians. This can be displayed at increasing tension in society. Thus, the Ukrainian so-called “political elite” is not ready to accept the values ​​that prevail in Western societies. One of the reasons – the inability to use the argument schemes that are important in the work of a statesman. Methods of argumentation can properly convey thought and prevent the emergence of negative points.

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545454343The initiative of the Government of Ukraine to restore the judicial system is perceived by society in the sense that this approach is essentially a “trigger” a true revival of the judicial system, which is trust. Society literally “hungry” for justice in the courts. However, the process of renovation judiciary should have conceptual content. Read more